Priority: Transferring Advertising Accounts

You may want to start with the introduction to figure out what the hell I’m talking about.

My first priority after transferring the website was to replace existing “passive” advertising with my own sources, or transfer the site’s third-party advertising accounts to my own, or provide updated banking information to make sure I wasn’t missing any revenue.

But the set-up for this started before I even purchased the website.

When the seller contacted me to inform me that I was the winning bidder, I started this process immediately. I registered a business entity (limited liability corporation, High Yield Media LLC) with the state of Pennsylvania and applied for a tax ID number from the IRS. Once the approvals came in, I opened a checking account at a local branch of a national bank.

The easiest change was updating the Google AdSense code on with my own AdSense code. It’s bringing in mere pennies at the moment, but AdSense revenue correlated well to full site traffic.

After updating the AdSense code, I updated Google Analytics as well. That way I can fully track website visitors.

The site contains financial product advertising based on data from third-party services that provide an interface with advertisers. Primarily, these take the form of “rate tables” on several pages on the website. For example, there are high yield savings account interest rates (provided by Bankrate) and checking account interest rates (provided by QuinStreet). I have existing relationships with these companies, but that doesn’t always make it easy.

QuinStreet seems to believe the table isn’t active (it’s still linking to QuinStreet, but I guess they flipped the switch to stop paying on any sales). I have an active account with QuinStreet, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Bankrate, after an initial positive contact, seems to not be responding to my email. Traffic to these pages is very low. I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t want to bother with them at the moment.

These pages are trying to compete in a saturated marketplace, where large companies make a significant investment in being at the top of search engine results for their corresponding search terms. Consumerism Commentary, my previous monster financial site, thrived at a time before the search results favored big brands with significant resources.

Moving forward, I will need to figure out where it is worthwhile to put resources of time and effort and what I can do to prove that this website is an authority. That must come before focusing on some of the longer-term advertising strategies.

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