Preliminary Research and the Purchase

You may want to start with the introduction to figure out what the hell I’m talking about.

The bottom line is that I didn’t spend too much time researching the purchase, but I still feel good about the price I paid.

Here’s what I knew. The well-known and popular financial blogger, J. Money, has been helping other financial bloggers buy and sell their sites on the smaller scale. After being the seller in a major deal, I’ve been low-key looking for a small piece of web property to drive a little bit of income.

It’s not that I need the income at the moment. Yet, I wouldn’t turn it away if it were presenting itself to me. And after many sales notices, this was the first one that I immediately thought would be a good fit. The URL is very good, and its revenue opportunity aligns with the strategy I’m familiar with. The vertical (deposit accounts) is one that slowed down when another (credit cards) picked up velocity, but I believe these things are cyclical in broad terms. The price was right given my thoughts on the site’s potential and my willingness to invest (or make a bet).

I used no fancy SEO tools to analyze the site. I trusted the seller — a blogger I’ve known for years — and his word regarding traffic and revenue, both of which were low enough to not be significant even if the numbers were off by 100%. I bid the seller’s asking price and won the auction. It remains to be seen if there were any other bidders, but it doesn’t matter; I bid what I was comfortable paying.

I drew up a basic Asset Purchase Agreement and sent a check by mail. The site was technically mine. It took some time for us to organize the domain name transfer and the eventual transfer of the website assets — and it’s that time that is and will be the primary investment in this business, more than the money.

Things always take longer than you plan, and that’s true even with transferring the site from one host to another. That’s normally an easy process, but we hit a few snags.

The next post will address the transfer process and my web hosting set-up.

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