Blog Income Report: March 2017

One of the key features of writing about the details of an online business for those interested in behind the scenes stuff is the income report. Here’s the latest income report for High Yield Savings Accounts.

There’s some good news and bad news. First, the good news. Revenue increased from February to March, and I didn’t do too much, if anything, to influence that.

The bad news is that I didn’t do too much, if anything, to the site lately. I could write about how busy I’ve been with travel and other responsibilities, but I know there is some potential I still need to tap in this site. And I can only do that if I set aside some time to work through it.

I did at one point a couple weeks ago spend a half hour improving just a couple of articles that have had the highest amount of traffic over the past several months in an attempt to make those articles a little more attractive to readers. I also added some graphics to bring one or two articles in line with what is expected for shareable content today.

At some point this past month, I also added Social Warfare to the site to make social sharing much more straightforward for any visitors who do happen to come across the site when searching for information about high yield savings accounts. There is, however, still a lot of work to do to improve old content and create new, relevant articles to be published going forward.

More bad news: Bankrate, a company that provides advertising for the site by providing data tables for financial products, has completely dropped the ball. After I reached out to the account representative, he did confirm with the previous owner that I am the new owner of the website, but our contact has not responded to messages from me or from my assistant before or since that time.

I still imagine there is a trickle of income coming in from rate tables, but the goal for now is to build traffic and eventually replace the tables with whatever type of advertising will do the best.

QuinStreet has also not responded to my messages about their advertising on the site either in my attempt to transfer the ownership of those accounts over to me.

Here’s the March report.

Revenue by Source Mar. Feb. 2017*
  AdSense 0.05 0.02
  BankRate Savings Table 0.00 0.00
  QuinStreet Checking Table 0.00 0.00
  Total $0.05 $0.02
Traffic Mar. Feb. 2017*
  GA Page Views 540 305

* Data reflect a partial month.

A 150% increase in revenue isn’t bad, you know, if the increase wasn’t based on 2 cents. But again, the site’s moving upwards, and the results will depend completely on my efforts to make the website into something that people want to visit.

And the BankRate and QuinStreet tables could be adding a few cents — or maybe even more — to the revenue. I just won’t know, and at this rate I won’t find out. You only matter to these companies when you’re driving traffic, so that’s going to be my focus.

Going up, but it’s a work in major progress.

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  1. Getting in touch with these ad folks seems analogous to trying to get the city code department to answer questions when you’re rehabbing a physical property. Hope it improves soon.

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